Brace Yourself!

We spent a hot, sweaty summer’s night at the studio of Graham Hadley recording a couple of new tunes that have found their way into our setlist in recent weeks. Of course, the best way to experience them is to see us live and in the flesh, but while we are all off working on our tans, have a listen, and let us know what you think….

OK, so it’s taken a bit longer than it should have, but these are worth waiting for! Photo’s of Brace Yourself during their (almost) winning performance at last year’s RPI X-Factor competition, at Cargo in Shoreditch.

Following our creditable 3rd place finish in the X-Factor, we’re out and about in Twickenham this weekend – come down to see us at The London Road on Saturday night…we’ll be kicking off around 9.30pm but come down a bit earlier and buy us all a drink if you feel so inclined. We play better that way….

One Direction we may not be (and anyone who’s seen us play may attend to the fact that we may no longer qualify as being a boy band….), but Brace Yourself have entered into a somewhat more niche version of the X-Factor ( )! Aimed at raising money for Mencap and City Gateway, the RPI-X Factor gives bands a chance to play in front of a real live audience on a proper stage at a fantastic evening at Cargo, in Shoreditch, London, on 20th September. Tickets are available at the website linked below, but we have to get through to the finals first, and that’s where you come in. Can you please take a minute to head to ( , have a listen to our demo, and make a vote for us? Once you’ve voted, drop me a line and if we get through to the final, 1 lucky person will get 2 free tickets to this highlight of the year’s social calendar…. Thanks in advance for your support, and get voting!

Yes, the news you’ve all been waiting for. No, Simon Cowell hasn’t been chocked by his ever rising waistband, and rumours that Cheryl Cole has agreed to be our first groupie are sadly mistaken… Two weeks back we spent a night at Graham Hadley’s Pink Usagi ( studio recording a new demo. We went in to record three songs and came away with six, such was the power of the force flowing through us that night. Or the hangovers that were afflicting at least two of the band. Anyway, fresh as the night they were recorded, no overdubs or studio gloss, this is the sound of Brace Yourself live, without the downside of actually having to see us in the flesh…

The Redback, host to more than one Brace Yourself “band meeting” and one of the few remaining proper bespoke venues for cover bands in London, has been closed down due to licencing issues. Rumours that this was related to one of the aforementioned band meetings cannot be substantiated… Hitler’s reaction to the closure of the Redback…

If you happened to part of the wonderful audience at The Shakespeare on Friday night, or want to get a feel for what a night out with Brace Yourself will sound like, we’ve put together a playlist based on our current set. Of course, these are the originals and a pale imitation of what you’ll hear when you come to see us, but it’ll give you an idea of what to expect…

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